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Travel authorization for minors
What does this service provide?

Legalization of travel authorizations, issued by either or both parents, so that their children under 18 can travel abroad.

It consists in getting legalization of a document entitled "travel authorization", given by either or both parents, allowing their children under 18 to travel abroad.

Where is it provided?

At the Legalization Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Agustinas 1320.

Who may request this service?

Children under the age of 18 wishing to travel out of the country alone or in company of either parent.


Travel authorization granted at Consulate of Chile by either parent.


To legalize travel authorization granted at Consulate of Chile, that permits a minor to exit the country.


If father or mother cannot find the whereabouts of his/her spouse, he/she must request authorization from Juvenile Courts, legalize it at the Supreme Court (Compañía 1140, Santiago), then at the Ministry of Justice (Moneda 1155, Santiago), and finally, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Agustinas 1320, Santiago).

Effective from February 1, 2008, notarial travel authorizations for minors to exit the country without his parents or legal guardian need not be legalized at this Ministry, except if the minor is going to settle abroad.

It is recommended to consult with the respective foreign consulates, prior to the minor's travel, on the requirements and information of interest of the country to be visited.


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