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Wednesday, July 26. 2017 
The Government of Chile regrets the refusal of the Indian Government to Extradite Marie Emmanuelle Verhoeven
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through its Embassy in India, has been informed today of the decision of the Indian Chancellery to deny the request to extradite the French citizen Marie Emmanuelle Verhoeven, which was requested by the Chilean Government following a requirement of the Supreme Court, because of the implication the she had had in the murder of Senator Jaime Guzmán. This decision takes into consideration the request of the French Government, which refered to her medical records when pleading health reasons.

The Government of India justified the decision invoking norms from their Extradition Laws. By doing so, the extradition procedure was terminated before Indian Tribunals.

Because of this governmental decision, the required was exempted from all precautionary measures.

The Government of Chile deeply regrets the Indian Government determination – standing which has already been notified through the diplomatic channels – as it postpones, once again, the possibility to have Mrs. Verhoeven appear in Chilean court. In turn, it also conveys that it will continue to pursue the necessary diplomatic efforts to achieve her submission to her due process and the clarification of the circumstances of the murder of Senator Guzmán in full.