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Wednesday. July 12, 2017 
Press Release
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The Governments of Chile and Germany subscribed today in Berlin a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the creation of a German-Chilean Joint Commission to tackle the historic memory of the former Colonia Dignidad and the integration of the victims in society.

Through said Joint Commission, Chile and Germany renew their commitment of close and reliable cooperation to tackle a series of elements linked with the former Colonia Dignidad (current Villa Baviera), among other things: setting up a documentation centre that recollects the history of said site, particularly the crimes and violations of human rights that were committed there; the verification, preservation and assessment of traces and documents of the crimes that were perpetrated in the compound; as well as the diagnosis of the assets related to Colonia Dignidad.

The German-Chilean Joint Commission will commence their work during the second semester of this year.