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Monday, December 18, 2017 
Presidential Election Process Concludes Abroad with 55% of Electoral Participation
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With the installation of 100% of the voting tables and a participation of 55% of the electoral roll abroad, the first electoral process involving Chileans living outside Chile concluded, a historic event that has been widely highlighted by its impeccable implementation.

There were 21,320 Chileans who voted abroad. Of that number, 21,037 were validly cast, 186 invalid and 97 blank. Voting by continent was directly related to the number of Chileans registered in the electoral roll. In the Americas 12,592 people voted, in Europe 6,877, Oceania 1,413, Asia 394 and Africa 44.

As for the countries with the highest voter turnout, the first place is held by Argentina, with 3,488 votes. It is followed by the United States (3,196), Spain (1,550), Canada (1,359) and Australia (1292).

During the second round of presidential elections, as in the first round, Chancellery installed 100% of the tables (162) in 110 constituencies of 62 countries and the process was implemented in full normality, without incidents and according to the established by law.