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Strategic Objectives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile (2014 – 2018)

  • In accordance with international law, contribute to the preservation of the territorial integrity and political independence of the Republic of Chile.
  • Implement active diplomacy to promote regional integration through initiatives and alliances that seek convergence among states, agencies and stakeholders, recognizing the existence of diverse development models, mechanisms and instruments in our hemisphere.
  • Strengthen Chilean Multilateral Foreign Policy through active diplomacy in support of Peace and International Security, full respect for Democracy and Human Rights, and the promotion of sustainable development with equity, in all areas.
  • Contribute to the global integration of the Chilean economy, creating new business opportunities, implementing and deepening trade agreements, and supporting exports, paying special attention to small and medium enterprises.
  • Promote and defend the recognition of the rights of Chileans abroad and develop an immigration policy based on full respect for International Human Rights Law.
  • Provide Consular assistance and protection to Chilean citizens abroad and assist users of Chilean consular services in Chile and overseas.
  • Ensure coordination for the implementation of our National Policy for Antarctica, in order to strengthen and increase the influence of Chile in the Antarctic Treaty System. Promote the interests of Chile as an Antarctic country, particularly through a national scientific program, in line with the latest research trends.
  • Strengthen Chile´s capacity to act as a "bridge" between countries and regions; promote policies, initiatives and strategic ties - at a sub-regional, regional and global level - to achieve national objectives for economic and human development. Particularly, foster actions focused on the Educational, Scientific and Technological development of the country.
  • Bolster our Cooperation for Development policy, a central element of foreign policy, through the promotion of cooperation initiatives and mechanisms directed towards Chile, at the bilateral and multilateral level, while promoting South-South and Triangular Cooperation primarily towards, albeit not exclusively, Latin America and the Caribbean, thereby contributing to national development and regional integration.
  • Update the structure and management mechanisms of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in order to fulfill Foreign Policy objectives and respond to global challenges. Such  structure and mechanisms must promote a National System of Foreign Policy, whereby private and public actors interact and contribute to its implementation.
  • Coordinate and shape public and private actions that have an impact on Foreign Policy.