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  • Since the U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement was implemented on January 1, 2004, bilateral trade between Chile and the United States has doubled and both trade and investment opportunities abound. Under the Free Trade Agreement, 85 percent of industrial products are traded without duties together with 75 percent of farm production. After just ten years, all trade in non-agricultural goods will take place without tariffs or quotas; for agriculture, the phase-out will take 12 years....





  • California Trade Mission to Chile - September 26-30, 2009





  • "Chile - California: A Partnership for the 21st Century" at AmCham

On Thursday, April 2nd, 2009, AmCham Chile brought together more than 20 private and public sector leaders to talk about expanding trade and investment between the state of California and Chile through the trade agreement "Plan Chile - California: A Partnership for the 21st Century," signed in June of 2008. The strategic alliance was designed to maximize collaboration in the areas of education, agriculture, the environment, energy, information technology, communication and trade.




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  • California-Chile "Partnership for the 21st Century"

Apple Computer on Technological Trip to Chile (Ambassador Simons hosted a breakfast for Apple Inc. Executives to support the Apple-Government of Chile MOU signed in 2007 within t...





  • An alliance for green prosperity?

On a visit to Berkeley and LBNL this week, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet emphasized the value of collaboration between her nation and the state of California,,,






  • Chilean President and Schwarzenegger Preside Over Signing of Landmark Agreements at UC Davis

Chilean President and Schwarzenegger Preside Over Signing of Landmark Agreements at UC Davis

University of California, Davis
June 12, 2008


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