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Friday, July 21, 2017 
Minister of Foreign Affairs (S) sends off Polish Ambassador in Chile
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The Minister of Foreign Affairs (S), Edgardo Riveros, held an audience today with the Ambassador of Poland in Chile, Aleksandra Piatkowska, whose diplomatic mission has come to an end after four years. Afterwards, he presided over the decoration of the Ambassador with the Order of "Chilean Merit" in the degree of Grand Cross.

In his speech, the Minister (S) highlighted the dynamism and the personal stamp Ambassador Piatkowska gave her management, acknowledging her work and her contribution to the strengthening and intensification of the political, commercial, cultural and cooperation bonds between both countries, which reflect the excellent standing of the bilateral relation. Furthermore, he valued the support granted by the Polish government to the modernization of the Association Agreement with the European Union and he referred to a series of milestones accomplished during her mission, in particular, the approval of the Joint Action Plan, the subscription of the "Work and Holiday" Agreement, the Memorandum on Antarctic Scientific and Logistic Understanding, the cooperation on International Forums and the promotion of Polish investment in Chile.