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Sunday, December 17, 2017 
Minister Muñoz: "I call on Chileans in Chile to follow the example of our compatriots abroad"
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The Foreign Minister, Heraldo Muñoz, took stock of the participation of Chileans abroad - from its opening at 17:00 hours on Saturday to 11:00 on Sunday - during the second round of the presidential elections, this morning.

At that time 128 voting tables were installed and 22 scrutinized. "The process has gone smoothly, it has been very orderly", he said.

He also called on "Chileans here in Chile to follow the example of our compatriots abroad, who travel hundreds of kilometers, some of them, to exercise their right to choose who will lead the future of our country". He added that "it is encouraging that in the already closed polling stations there is a 63% turnout to vote, which implies an improvement with respect to 60% of the first round. But we will have to make the final evaluation when we have Europe's results and the tables are set up in Latin America".

With regard to the results, he recalled that it is up to Servel by law, who will do so after 6 p. m. today.

The Chancellor also congratulated "the consuls who are the presidents of the electoral boards, the members and all the staff of the Chancellery who have been supervising a process that until now has been impeccable, normal, enthusiastic. In addition, I would like to take this opportunity to show the Operations Center that has been running since Friday, being in constant contact with consulates abroad so that the implementation of the process is a success. This centre is made up of an Executive Secretariat; logistics area; legal area; luggage area, the sending and dispatching of material; dissemination area; data transmission and communications area".