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Monday, August 14, 2017 
Launching of Integrated Control in the Border Posts of Santa Rosa and Chacalluta
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According to the presidential mandate established in the "Declaración de Lima", which emerged from the Presidential Meeting and the I Binational Chile-Peru Ministers Cabinet, which took place the past July 7th, the Governments of Peru and Chile will launch the Integrated Control in the border posts of Santa Rosa (Tacna) and Chacalluta (Arica), in agreement with the "Framework Agreement to Implement the System of Integrated Control and Cooperation towards the Improvement of Transit in the functional Border Posts in the Republic of Chile and in the Republic of Peru" subscribed by both countries in 2011.

After the proper procedures and due allocation of the necessary staff for its operation, on August 16, starting at 6 am, Peru time, and 8 am, Chile time, the Integrated Control system will be put into operation full-time in the Posts of Santa Rosa and Chacalluta, respectively.

With this system, there will be a stronger integration that will benefit the population of both countries, ensuring the simplification of the paperwork, better operational conditions and the modernization of the service with high standards of efficiency and security, which will promote the development of the regions in the border zone, as it that promotes a bigger dynamism, integration and cooperation.