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Lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014 
Cumbre de seguridad Nuclear:
Intervención del Ministro Muñoz en la III Cumbre de Seguridad Nuclear
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Mr Prime Minister:

Chile adds its voice to the expressions of gratitude to the Netherlands for the admirable organization of this third Nuclear Security..Summit.

My country stands ready to contribute to every effort to strengthen peace and security: we adhere to the principle of indivisibility of international security, meaning that every State –no matter its size or power- has a share of responsibility over the consolidation of a global order governed by rules and cooperation.  We stand by this peace vocation in the Security Council, where we are currently serving a two-year term as Non-Permanent Member.

We believe that nuclear security  goes hand in hand with nuclear disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation. A world free of nuclear weapons will minimize not only the risks posed by terrorism, but an accidental or unintended nuclear attack as well.  Therefore, our efforts to strengthen the Nuclear Security architecture should be articulated within the broader quest for sustainable peace, security and wellbeing for all.

That is why, with our partners in the Nuclear Non Proliferation and Disarmament Initiative (NPDI), Chile is actively supporting a thorough implementation of the 2010 NPT Action Plan.

Chile has a positive assessment of the Summit's process. We have witnessed significant progress since 2010 at the political, legal, technical, industrial and operational levels. States, the industry and civil society understand better the risk and likely consequences of nuclear terrorism and perceive all global approaches to nuclear security as integral to their national security. We know now that inadequate security in one country can affect all others. This conviction is the basis for mutual accountability to secure the most dangerous materials ever produced by humanity. This very same conviction has galvanized the International Atomic Energy Agency into action through a Plan that Chile will continue to support vigorously from the IAEA's Board of Governors, starting next September.

The Communiqué we are about to adopt in this capital attests to our achievements.

However, to attain lasting security we need an all-inclusive mechanism capable to translate the acquis of the Nuclear Security Summit into a cohesive normative framework, opened to all States. Such a framework –hopefully binding- would bestow upon our efforts the enhanced legitimacy provided by universal multilateralism.

Chile stands ready to strive towards that goal, convinced that the Summit track can coexist with other multilateral configurations.

Finally, we thank the United States for the future hosting of the Fourth Nuclear Security Summit in 2016. The political and operational benefits of the Summit process are not yet exhausted. Chile will continue to engage in this important..and..effective..enterprise.

Thank you very much.