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Sunday, November 19, 2017 
High voter turnout and total normality characterizes the voting of Chileans abroad
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With 100% of the polling stations installed and 32 scrutinized in 21 countries, equivalent to more than 25% of the total number of polling stations, the historic voting of Chileans abroad has been conducted with complete normality, without incidents and according to the law.

This is what Minister Heraldo Muñoz said when he took stock of what had happened in the world until 4 pm. today, timetable in Chile. The Chancellor highlighted the high number of voters that has characterized these elections abroad, which since yesterday, throughout the night and today have gone to the 162 tables considered in the electoral roll abroad.

Minister Muñoz explained that the participation of the citizens "so far has been very positive, and have attended as families to fulfil their civic duty, which will allow them to elect for the first time the highest authority of our country".

The first vote was cast in Wellington, with the installation of the table on Saturday at 16:00 hours in Chile. Two hours later Australia did it, followed by the Asian, European, African and South, Central and North American nations.

The Consul General of Chile in Miami, Eduardo Salinas highlighted the process and pointed out that "so far, many people of all ages have patiently waited their turn and voted, showing great respect for this historic process".

In Argentina, a country that concentrates the largest population of Chileans in the world, with a census of 7,507 voters, the Consul General of Chile in Bariloche, Diego Velasco, emphasized that "fellow countrymen who do not live nearby have arrived, after traveling great distances to be present and be part of this historic moment for Chile and for many of them. There is a lot of emotion in this true celebration of democracy. We are impressed and satisfied with the civic education of our fellow residents".

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will maintain permanently the Central Office of Electoral Operations to assist those responsible for implementation abroad and monitor what happens in the Americas, where 59% of the electoral roll is concentrated.