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Monday, December 11, 2017 
Foreign Minister visits consulate in Buenos Aires and calls for Chileans to vote abroad
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As part of his working visit to Argentina, today Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz arrived at the Chilean consulate in Buenos Aires, which will be one of the 110 consulates that will function as a ballot box for the presidential elections on Sunday, December 17.

During his visit, the Chancellor realized the importance of implementing Chileans' vote abroad and stressed the importance for our political system: "Our democracy was incomplete as we had so many Chileans abroad that could not exercise their right to define our future. And I know that while you are far away, you will always be linked to our country, to your culture, to your football, to your politics, to your customs, to your folklore, so that being far away does not make you any less citizens".

In addition to this, the Minister highlighted the high turnout recorded in Argentina during the first presidential round. "Argentina is the country with the largest number of eligible voters and, in terms of turnout, the District of Buenos Aires obtained the first majority with 1,077 voters, which represents, in percentage terms, almost 75%. This makes it one of the districts with the highest levels of participation at the global level", he said.

In addition, the Chancellor made a call to those who were not part of the process to join this coming Sunday: "I wanted to meet with you and congratulate you, but also ask you to make an effort so that everyone can vote on Sunday. I ask that you and your friends, relatives who did not vote, go to the final election, this second round on Sunday. I think this is very important because it improves our democracy".