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Wednesday, August 2, 2017 
Foreign Minister (S) Riveros signs Cooperation Memorandum on Biosecurity and Biocustody with Spain
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The Minister of Foreign Affairs (S), Edgardo Riveros, presided the signing ceremony of an Understanding Memorandum on Biosecurity and Biocustody Cooperation with the Kingdom of Spain.

The document, which was signed by the Foreign Minister (S) and the Spanish Ambassador, Carlos Robles, has the objective of transferring knowledge and advanced practices from Spain to Chile, supporting the development of science and the knowledge in biological matters at a national level. The Memorandum also hands over new tools to the General Direction of National Mobilization (national authority in matters of biological and chemical weapons) to performs their duty of creating awareness on the national laboratories professionals and all of those individuals who work in activities related with microorganisms.

This document was subscribed within the context of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, which is the first international instrument that forbids an entire category of mass destruction weapons, and it takes into account the development, within the Member States, of abilities in matters of biosecurity and biocustody.