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Wednesday, August 23, 2017 
Foreign Minister (S) Riveros presented Chancellery Modernization Bill to the Senate
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The Minister (S) of Foreign Affairs, Edgardo Riveros, attended yesterday the Senate's floor to present the Chancellery Modernization Bill. During his intervention, he affirmed that the initiative "represents a proposal of substantial and progressive changes that aim at facing the challenges of the 21st Century, implementing changes in the structure and the running of the Chancellery in its different aspects, such as the politic, economic – commercial or cooperative ones, amongst others".

The Chancellor (s) ensured that "the Bill that we know today, in its new institutional structure, accentuates a meritocratic career within the Chancellery's personnel, highlighting as well the necessary professionalization elements, and contemplating mechanism of upward mobility in the career of foreign service". He also added that "it introduces more flexible elements within the internal organization of the Ministry units, with the objective of addressing in an agile and timely manner the ever dynamic challenges that foreign affairs present us with".

The initiative is ready to be voted in the next plenary session of the Senate and thus move forward in its legislative procedure.