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Thursday, August 3, 2017 
Foreign Minister (S) Riveros leads Fifth Meeting of Political Consultations with Paraguay
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The Foreign Minister (S) Edgardo Riveros, alongside with the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay, Ambassador Oscar Cabello, co-chaired the V Meeting of the Chile-Paraguay Political Consultations Mechanism.

During the meeting, both authorities highlighted the excellent state of the bilateral relations, as well as the promising commitments made with occasion of the First Binational Meeting of Ministers, which took place on September 2016. In addition, they dealt with subjects such as Physical Integrity, Economic-Commercial Issues, technical Cooperation, Energetic Exchange, Cooperation in Defence and Consular and Migration Issues. The meeting also allowed a fluid conversation regarding regional and global politic topics of the international agenda.

The Vice Minister Cabello was accompanied by the Paraguayan Ambassador in Chile, Mrs. Nimia Oviedo, the General Director of Bilateral Politics, Ambassador Luis Avalos, and members of the Paraguayan Chancellery and its diplomatic representation in Santiago.