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Monday, August 7, 2017 
Foreign Minister regarding the situation in Venezuela: “we will continue to do everything possible to find a political, pacific and believable exit from this crisis”
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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heraldo Muñoz, met this morning with members of Democracia Cristiana (Christian Democracy) and, afterwards, with parliamentarians of the Foreign Affairs Commission from the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies to analyse the current situation in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Senator Carolina Goic; Senator and former Foreign Minister Ignacio Walker and Former Foreign Minister, Soledad Alvear, attended the meeting with DC. In the second meeting the President of the Senate's Commission, Hernan Larraín, alongside with senators Juan Pablo Letelier and Francisco Chahuán, in addition with Deputy Jorge Tarud, took part in the gathering.

At the end of said encounters, the Foreign Minister referred to the events that occurred on Sunday 6th of August in that country, pointing out that Chilean Government opposes "any military coup, of any political signal; any belligerent uprising, violence and repression". He also reinforced that "Chile is in favour of a political and pacific negotiation to solve the crisis in Venezuela".

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The Secretary of State, in turn, asserted that "Venezuela is no longer a democracy and is sadly in the way to become a dictatorship".

He emphasised that "this is a tragic situation for Venezuela. It is intolerable for the homeland of Andrés Bello; the great jurist we consider Chilean. Maduro's Government has brought down this tradition, alongside with the State of Law, the citizens dialogue and the coexistence of the Venezuelan people".

"In consequence, he proceeded, we will continue to do everything possible to find a political, pacific, believable exit from this crisis. That is why in a few hours we will be traveling to Lima, we an important group of countries from the hemisphere will meet to deal with the situation in Venezuela". He highlighted that more than a dozen countries from the hemisphere will take part in the encounter and "we will try to build a permanent mechanism that follows the everything that happens in Venezuela".