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Monday, August 28, 2017 
Foreign Minister on Equal Marriage: “We are at the leading edge of the legislation and of what Chilean society is demanding”
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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heraldo Muñoz, accompanied today the President of the Republic, Michelle Bachelet, in the signing of the Bill that will allow for couples of the same sex to get married.

At the end of the ceremony, Minister Muñoz appreciated this step towards non-discrimination and highlighted the role that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs played to reach a friendly agreement, thus avoiding a lawsuit at the American Commission on Human Rights.

The Secretary of State, reminded that "there was this lawsuit and it moved Chilean society to accept this reality, which is already a fact in many countries around the world. We hope that with this bill everyone in Chile can love, regardless of who they love, and we have equal marriage that answers the aspirations of society".

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Furthermore, Minister Muñoz asserted that with this signing, Chile ends up very well positioned at an International level. "There is great respect for Chile, for the things that have been done over the last few years. The signing of this project is a demonstration that we are at the leading edge of the legislation and of what Chilean society is demanding".

It should be pointed out that this project creates the possibility of adopting the child of the spouse when all the parties agree and it is allowed by the corresponding affiliation. Likewise, it takes into account the removal of homosexuality as a causal for divorce and the requisite of different sexes to authenticate a marriage held abroad.

Finally, with this signing a campaign promise is fulfilled and the announcement that the Head of State made during her last "State of the Nation" in front of the Congress becomes a reality.