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Tuesday, November 14, 2017 
Foreign Minister Muñoz meets with Servel Board of Directors due to vote abroad
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As part of the last coordination for the first presidential election in which nearly 40,000 compatriots residing abroad will be able to vote, Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz met with the Electoral Service Directing Council (Servel), headed by its president, Patricio Santamaría.

In the meeting, which took place on Tuesday afternoon, November 14, both institutions valued the joint work carried out so far, which, compared to the primary elections of July 2, managed to practically double the number of voters entitled to exercise their right to vote abroad.

Chancellor Muñoz highlighted "the work of many hours with Servel, in a coordinated manner, to make this a reality. Voting will take place in 62 countries, 162 tables and hopefully the majority of the 39,137 Chileans who registered will vote. He added that "to reach that point we worked with Servel first, with parliamentarians when the constitutional reform was made and then the organic law. And then the work that has been very detailed so that the consulates, through the consuls who are the presidents of the electoral boards, organize this voting".

Patricio Santamaría stressed that "we are five days away from living a historic milestone that should fill us with joy, because it implies an expansion of our democracy".