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Monday, August 28, 2017 
Foreign Minister Muñoz inaugurates Strategic Dialogue Forum between both countries: The Chile-Argentina relation is going through one of its brightest times”
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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heraldo Muñoz, met this morning with the members of the Strategic Dialogue Forum Chile-Argentina 2030, with hopes of establishing a working plan before the meeting of the Permanent Committee of Consultation and Political Coordination (2+2) that will take place in Buenos Aires, the coming November 4th.

"The purpose of this binational commission is precisely to reflect boldly on what we should be doing 15 years from now and onwards. We should consider borders as a meeting point between our people, favouring people, and facilitating trade, transit, tourism, movement, investment" asserted Minister Muñoz during the opening.

Later, the head of Chilean diplomacy, highlighted the importance of thinking about the future together with our neighbouring country. "We have think global; we are facing an uncertain world, with protectionisms, nationalisms, and it becoming increasingly important to join forces" he emphasised.

Accordingly, Muñoz recalled that by the "convergence in diversity" concept the agreement between the Pacific Alliance and MERCOSUR was reached, while Chile lead the Alliance and Argentina, Mercosur, reinforcing the role that both countries play in the regional integration. Furthermore, at a bilateral level, he informed that before October both countries could sign a Trade Liberalization Pact that will expand considerably the current Economic Complementation Agreement.

"This period is likely to go down in history as one of the most active regarding the integration of both countries, as one of the periods of excellence of the bilateral relation" pointed out the Chancellor

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High Authorities and Representatives took part in the meeting, as well as from the Chilean and Argentinian civil society. Amongst these, there were Senators Hernan Larrain and Patricio Walker; former minister Sergio Bitar; former Chilean Ambassador in Argentina, Marcelo Díaz; the political scientists Claudio Fuentes and Cristian Fuentes; Clarisa Hardy, David Gallagher; Claudio Seebach, Eugenio Tironi and Fernando Alvear. And from Argentina participated, amongst others, the Argentinian Ambassador in Chile, José Octavio Bordón; the Governor of Tierra del Fuego, Rosana Bertone; Senators Julio Cobos and Omar Perotti; Representative Daniela Sandra Castro; the and former Argentinian Ambassador in Chile, Daniel Olmos.

"There are many benefits" affirmed, on his part, Felix Peña, former Under Secretary of Foreign Trade and current director of the International Trade Institute of the ICBC Foundation in Argentina. "Many things will happen from now until 2030; and we are already experiencing the changes that are taking place at an international level. Our countries have a lot to contribute when working together".

Among the key issues, that will distinguish the bilateral agenda of both countries, Peña highlighted the Ministerial Meeting of WTO; the ECLAC-China 2018 meeting that will take place in Chile; the link between the Pacific Alliance and Mercosur; and the evolution of ALADI, within the context of the new regional reality.

"Latin America has many differences and we have to gain conscience that diversity is one of the riches of our region. Because of this, it will be more necessary than ever the convergence of diversity at a global scale", concluded Peña.