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Tuesday, August 22, 2017 
Foreign Minister Muñoz confirms that the Government of Chile has granted asylum to five Venezuelan Citizens
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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heraldo Muñoz, confirmed today that the Government of Chile has granted political asylum to five Venezuelan citizens, who had the condition of Magistrates chosen by the National Assembly, and were staying in the quality of guests in the residence of the Chilean Ambassador in Caracas.

"Yesterday they formally requested asylum from Chile. Hence, the time has come to honour our commitment and our solidarity and the Government of Chile has decided to grant this five Venezuelan Citizens the status of political asylee", noted the Chancellor. It refers to Elenis Del Valle Rodriguez Martínez, Luis Manuel del Valle Marcano Salazar, José Fernando Núñez Sifontes, Beatriz Josefina Ruiz Marín and Suleima del Valle González.

The Secretary of State specified that "we have requested the Venezuelan government to grant them the corresponding laissez-passer so that they can travel outside the country, namely to our country"

Furthermore, the reiterated that the Government of Chile is still "waiting for the crisis that the Venezuelan people are experiencing can be solved as soon as possible and the democratic order and the respect for human rights can be re-established in a pacific manner".