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Monday, September 11, 2017 
Foreign Minister Muñoz attended interreligious ceremony in memory of former President Salvador Allende
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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heraldo Muñoz, participated today in the inter-religious ceremony held at La Moneda Palace and led by President Michelle Bachelet in memory of the former President of the Republic, Salvador Allende Gossens and his collaborators, on the 44th anniversary of his death.

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During the commemoration, in which relatives of the former president and high national authorities participated, the President revealed a plaque that changed the name of the Hall "Entre patios", to "Democracia y Memoria". In addition, she announced that there will be an immediate dialogue on the project that will lift the secrecy surrounding the background to the Valech I Commission; a Reclassification Mechanism for Victims of Political Prisoners and Torture, Forced Disappearance and Political Enforcement will be presented; and an agreement will be signed with the Metropolitan Region Judicial Assistance Corporation for law students to legally assist victims' families.

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After the ceremony, the Chancellor affirmed that it is necessary to "take care of democracy" and affirmed that "memory is very important, as well as justice". The Secretary of State recalled that "the military coup meant so much death and pain, so much exile, so much torture, so much imprisonment" and added that "today we live in a full democracy, a buoyant democracy and it is necessary that we continue on this path".

"Today has been a day when different opinions have converged for democracy and this is positive for the future of Chile," concluded the Minister.