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Friday, December 15, 2017 
Foreign Minister Muñoz after the Dialogue Day between the Venezuelan government and opposition: "I believe we are close to the goal"
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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heraldo Muñoz, participated today in the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, in a new day of dialogue between the Government of Venezuela and opposition representatives gathered at the Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD). The meeting made significant progress on the six issues under discussion and agreed to hold a new meeting on 12 January to continue the dialogue.

"On behalf of the Chilean Government, I would like to thank the President of the Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina, for his leadership in bringing us to this point, as well as Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas. Without them, it would have been difficult to achieve the significant progress that has been made between the parties", said Minister Muñoz at the end of the meeting.

"Both the Venezuelan government and the opposition have negotiated seriously on the basis of the draft document given to them at the last meeting. That's six points, all of them complex. The six points have been dealt with and there has been significant progress in many of them", said Foreign Minister Muñoz, adding that there is still technical work "or of woodwork". He explained that "in the details is often the key to making the agreements firm, lasting and sustainable, so it takes a little more time".

The Minister of State pointed out that the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the countries accompanying the dialogue will be together again with the President of the Dominican Republic, his Chancellor, and the two parties on January 12th. "Our hope is that at that moment this process will be closed, the agreement will be finalized", he said. With regard to today's meeting, he stressed that "we have noticed a willingness to negotiate seriously, not simply that the parties exchange speeches. There has been concrete work and we value it. The work is not finished, but I think we are close to the goal".

Chile was invited to the process of dialogue by the opposition to be an accompanying country, together with Mexico and Paraguay, which could not participate due to internal affairs. The ruling party, meanwhile, designated Bolivia, Nicaragua and Saint Vincent de las Granadinas as guarantors.