Directorate for Regional Coordination
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The Directorate for Regional Coordination is responsible for supporting and coordinating Chilean regions and municipalities in the implementation of their projects and initiatives in the international arena. To this end, DICORE allows linking regional and local governments to the directorates of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the network of Embassies, Missions and Consulates.


Activities of the Directorate

Disseminate foreign policy in the regional national sphere.

Train regional governments in all international matters allowing to further international cooperation, integration with bordering regions or provinces and creating neighborhood projects and activities. To carry out these activities it organizes conferences, informational seminars for authorities, officials and academics who work in regions.

Serve as a link between the regional governments and authorities or foreign counterparts to carry out various projects or initiatives abroad.

Support and guide regions on the conventions and agreements they sign with other regional, provincial or federal governments, universities, NGOs and international organizations.

Coordinate and collaborate with the regional business delegations that look for or close business deals abroad, the signing of agreements, conventions, protocols, etc. trying to be part of these delegations when needed and required.


Chilean Foreign Policy

Chile's foreign policy is committed to the creation of conditions conducive to a balanced territorial development; therefore, it aims at strengthening the capacities that regions and municipalities have to insert themselves into an increasingly interdependent and globalized world.

All Regional Governments in the country have Regional Units for International Affairs (URAI), which serve as bodies to organize, promote and manage the activities of each region abroad in coordination with DICORE.



Jorge Beals Pott


Head of the Directorate for Regional Coordination


Address: Teatinos 180, Piso 6, Santiago

Phone: 56 (02) 827 4353 - 4354

Fax: 56 (02) 287 4700