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Tuesday, October 31, 2017 
Consular Director General meets with representatives of presidential candidates
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The Director General of Consular and Immigration Affairs (Digeconsu) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Carlos Appelgren, invited all representatives of the 2017 presidential candidates and candidates to brief them on the election process abroad.

At the meeting, in which the Executive Secretary of the Overseas Vote was present, they explained the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the efforts to disseminate the right to vote from abroad, the work being done by Chilean consulates and the preparations to implement the process worldwide on November 19.

Ambassador Appelgren stressed that it will be an historic day. "For the first time in our country, we will elect our highest authority with the vote of all Chileans. For the same reason, we have placed special emphasis on the importance of political disregard, demanded of all the Foreign Ministry officials who are leading this process, both in Chile and abroad, especially the consuls who are Presidents of the Electoral Board", he said.

During the meeting, the representatives asked questions related to the participation of the table representatives, and the Consular Director urged them to accredit their representatives abroad, guaranteeing maximum transparency of the process.

In the same sense, he emphasized that, although as a Foreign Ministry, in conjunction with the Electoral Service, all efforts are being made to disseminate information, "it is important that each candidate excites and encourages voters abroad to go to the polls".

He also highlighted the successful day that was held during the July 2 primary elections. These took place in 55 countries with 116 polling stations.