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Tuesday, December 12, 2017 
Chilean and Palestinian Cooperation Agencies Sign Agreement to Establish Development Programs
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In order to establish and manage cooperation through development projects, the International Cooperation Agencies of Chile (AGCI) and Palestine (Palestinian International Cooperation Agency, PICA), signed a Memorandum of Understanding with initial validity of one year, which can then be automatically extended for the same period.

AGCI's Executive Director, Ambassador Juan Pablo Lira, together with the Ambassador of Palestine in Chile, Imad Nabil Jada'a, on behalf of PICA, signed the agreement with the objective of identifying and initiating international cooperation actions in the following areas: communications and information technology, education, health, environment, agriculture and others of mutual interest.

Ambassador Lira stressed that "this new agreement will contribute to strengthening the traditional and long-standing bonds of solidarity between the two peoples, which are based on the effort to move towards shared, inclusive and sustainable development". He added that "during the twentieth century, a significant number of Palestinians have chosen our land as their destination, playing an important role in the development of our nation".

This memorandum is framed within the framework of the Chilean International Cooperation Strategy for Development 2015-2018, in its strategic objectives: to advance towards inclusive and sustainable development; and to strengthen partnerships for shared development.