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Thursday, September 7, 2017 
Chile will send aid to Antigua and Barbuda and collaborate with a team of firefighters in the area
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The Chilean Government expressed its regret at the loss of human life and the many people affected by Hurricane Irma on the Caribbean islands, particularly Antigua and Barbuda. It also extends its solidarity to the serious consequences of this phenomenon.

In order to help in this initial moment of devastation, the Government will make a contribution of 100,000 USD to that country through the Chile Against Hunger and Poverty Fund.

In addition to this, and within the framework of the cooperation that our country provides to the Caribbean region, the Government has made available to the affected countries a team of seven firefighters specialized in urban rescue in Trinidad and Tobago, who will give a course to officials of the Caribbean emergency offices.

In conversation with the press, Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz expressed the support of the people of Chile "to these countries in the Caribbean island and to the United States, specifically to the State of Florida, all of which are being hit by this and a previous storm".

Likewise, the Secretary of State informed that the consulates and embassies have been keeping an eye on Chileans in the area, where, until now, there have been no more critical situations. He also pointed out that there is an emergency mechanism for relatives and friends to consult for their loved ones who are in the area hit by this climatic phenomenon. "This means that climate change is a reality that is here to stay", he concluded.