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Monday, September 25, 2017 
Chile will help with the reconstruction of schools in Mexico
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The Minister of Foreign Affairs (s), Edgardo Riveros, together with the Minister of Education, Adriana del Piano; the Ambassador of Mexico in Chile, Rubén Beltrán; the National President of the Chilean Red Cross, Patricio Acosta; and the Director General of Consular and Immigration Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Carlos Appelgren, met this morning to summon communities from all educational establishments in Chile to join the Red Cross fundraiser to help rebuild schools affected by the September 19 earthquake in Mexico.

As a result of the earthquake, 16 educational establishments were left with irreparable damage, while another 5092 were left with some degree of damage. That is why the Chilean Red Cross opened an account to collaborate with Mexico and to channel this contribution in support of its educational situation.

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The Minister (s) stated that the Chancellery "will strongly support this initiative". He added that "since the first day the diplomatic and consular service of our country has been active, focusing on how to assist, support and act efficiently with the Mexican government and those who are suffering the impacts of this earthquake. It has also been in contact with the Mexican authorities to know what is the best way to help".

He also stressed that the Red Cross should be chosen to channel this aid efficiently. "It is an international institution that has structure in Chile and Mexico, therefore it is evident that the resources that are channelled will reach the destination that has been individualized, in this case to support the educational field", he said.

Finally, he said that this initiative would be informed to the other countries of the Pacific Alliance, which, in addition to Chile and Mexico, is made up of Colombia and Peru.

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