Monday, May 27, 2013 
Relating to the first point on the agenda:
Chile welcomes agreement between the Colombian Government and FARC on agricultural matters and urban development
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The Government of Chile extends its congratulations to the Government of Colombia and FARC (Revolutionary Armed of Forces of Colombia) on  achieving an agreement relating to the first point on the agenda called “Towards a New Colombian Agriculture: A Comprehensive Rural Reform,”  which touches on a substantial element of the dialogue process for peace as  people-focused rural development.

The agreement announced in Havana, Cuba, is a major achievement that has required flexibility and moderation from both parties.

For our country, which is involved in the peace process as a Companion with Venezuela, this represents a positive and powerful stimulus for the development and negotiation of the remaining points on the agenda.

The Government of Chile also expresses its appreciation and gratitude to Guarantor countries, Cuba and Norway, for their continued effort and dedication to this cause, which has enabled a harmonious and cordial atmosphere for the fruitful meetings between the Parties.

Our country will continue to contribute through its role as Companion to this important task of bringing peace to Colombia, until reaching an agreement on all agenda items.