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Monday, November 13, 2017 
Chile and the EU start negotiations to modernize their Association Agreement
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The Chilean Government highly appreciates the approval of the mandate to start negotiating the modernisation of the Association Agreement between Chile and the European Union (EU), a decision adopted today by the EU Council.

The Association Agreement, signed in 2002 and in force since 2003, has created ample opportunities for economic growth and development. After 14 years of validity, it is necessary to renew the commitment acquired and relaunch a common project in line with the current challenges.

The modernisation of the Agreement will account for the evolution of trade, investment and cooperation in the last decade and will allow us to include the new issues on the international agenda with a more inclusive view, strengthening our relations in the economic spheres, to improve bilateral access of goods and services with the European market; those related to the objectives of sustainable development; environmental, labour, energy, corporate responsibility, gender, and SMEs, among others, as well as providing incentives.

The first round of formal talks will begin on 16 November in Brussels with the presence of Deputy Foreign Secretary Edgardo Riveros.