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Monday, December 11, 2017 
Chile and Portugal ratify cooperation on forest emergencies
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A Chilean delegation made up of members of the National Emergency Office (ONEMI), the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF) and firefighters of Chile, recently traveled to Portugal to exchange information and coordinate possible joint actions in this area with the National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC) of that country.

The Chilean Ambassador to Portugal, Germán Guerrero, pointed out that "these meetings come to ratify the close cooperation between both countries in this matter", recalling that "Portugal was very supportive by sending a fire brigade to Chile last January to help us fight the serious fires that affected our country and we are very grateful for this gesture of solidarity".

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The Chilean group, composed by ONEMI's Deputy Director of Operations, Juan Claudio Aldea, CONAF's Chief of Forest Fire Protection, Raúl Molina and the Second Commander of the Talcahuano Fire Department, Paolo Fregonara, accompanied by Ambassador Guerrero, were received by Portugal's Secretary of State for Civil Protection, José Artur Neves, who was briefed on the past meetings and breakthroughs.

The Portuguese high official stressed "the importance of these meetings of specialists in the field of setting up the new integrated fire management system for rural fires in Portugal", as well as to "give expression to the extraordinary cooperation relations between the two countries in the field of civil protection".

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It is worth remembering that last January. Chile experienced the worst forest fires in its history, a situation very similar to that suffered by Portugal last summer in Europe.