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Wednesday, December 6, 2017 
Chile and Ecuador hold first bilateral meeting on migration and consular issues
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The "First Meeting of the Binational Commission on Human Mobility, Migration and Consular Cooperation between Chile and Ecuador" was held today, with the presence of authorities from both countries, at the Foreign Ministry's headquarters.

This initiative approached, from a comprehensive perspective, migration and consular relations to enhance knowledge about migratory flows, from the approach of international migration governance and human mobility.

The activity was inaugurated by the Director General of Consular and Immigration Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Carlos Appelgren, who stressed that intraregional migration has increased during the last decade, which has highlighted the importance of international and binational cooperation.

In this context, he stated that "bilateral dialogue between countries of origin, transit and destination is essential. We are managing strategic alliances in order to increase our knowledge on this subject. We are also promoting an exchange of good practices by governments and building a common position on the issue".

The Undersecretary for Migration and Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility of Ecuador, Ambassador Jorge Icaza, also spoke. He stressed that "it is very important to apply the Mutual Recognition Agreement on Professional Degrees and Academic Degrees in Higher Education between Ecuador and Chile and implement the Agreement on Social Security". He also highlighted the fruitful work done on binational migration issues.

Some of the main agreements reached include a bilateral working meeting in Ecuador, at which the relevant technical entities will continue to make progress on the recognition of diplomas.

In the area of social security, progress was made to establish mechanisms for the exchange of information through an information plan. In binational, regional and international migration issues, a "binational study on the characterization of migration between Chile and Ecuador" will be carried out, which will provide updated information for timely decision-making.