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Friday, September 29, 2017 
Chile and Bolivia held the X Meeting of the Joint Commission on Drugs and Related Issues
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As a follow-up to the IX Chile-Bolivia Joint Commission on Drugs and Related Issues, held in Santa Cruz de la Sierra in January this year, the competent national institutions of both States held the X Meeting of this important consultation mechanism on drugs.

The meeting was defined by the willingness of both countries to advance in bilateral cooperation in this area, thus striking an effective blow to illicit drug trafficking and seeking cooperation measures that will reduce both the supply of and demand for controlled substances.

From this meeting, we can see the harmony between Chile and Bolivia in this matter, which is framed within the internationally recognized principles of a comprehensive, integral and balanced approach to the World Drug Problem; and the Common and Shared Responsibility.

Among the highlights of this meeting, we find it important to highlight:

  • Conducting coordinated and simultaneous operations in border areas to interdict drug trafficking
  • Coordinated inspections and control of inputs and chemicals
  • Exchange of experience and intelligence information
  • Establishment of contact points
  • Specialized training

Both countries fully trust the importance of addressing these transnational and global scourges through the broadest possible technical cooperation between the entities involved in the prevention, control and repression of this illicit act.