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Friday, October 6, 2017 
Chancellor Muñoz takes part in closing ceremony of Our Ocean watching documentary about Juan Fernández
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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heraldo Muñoz, concluded today his participation at the IV Our Ocean Conference, held in Malta, by taking part in the launch of the National Geographic Pristine Seas documentary "Juan Fernández: The Ocean forever". The audio-visual record - carried out at the beginning of the year in the archipelago - aim to highlight the sustainability characteristics of the Juan Fernández lobster extraction model, a practice that was the first artisanal fishery in Latin America to be recognized, in 2015, by the Marine Stewardship Council's Blue Seal (MSC) of International Certification.

Together with the Chancellor, a group of local representatives from the archipelago participated in the premiere, as well as marine ecologist Enric Sala, in charge of NatGeo's Pristine Seas programme.

"This documentary is about sustainable fishing in Juan Fernández and how the island's fishermen themselves have played a role in monitoring and controlling lobster fishing. They have done so because they know that their future depends on the long-term sustainability of fishing of this important resource", he said. In addition, he explained that the fishermen "have been certified by a world council that grants this certification only when there is traceability, that is, when it can be established that there has been sustainable fishing".

During the conference, Chancellor Muñoz met with the European Union Commissioner for Environment, Sea and Fisheries, Karmenu Vella, and the Norwegian Minister for the Environment, Vidar Helgesen.

He also had a meeting with former U. S. Secretary of State John Kerry. "It was a very friendly meeting with Kerry, with whom I worked for a couple of years and we built not only a professional and official relationship, but also one of friendship and commitment to the conservation of the oceans. He was the one who devised the original conference, Our Ocean, and I took up the post to some extent", he said.

It should be recalled that during his participation in the current edition of Our Ocean, the Chief of Chilean Diplomacy announced the creation of four new marine protected areas: one in the Juan Fernández archipelago; two in southern Chile (Cape Horn and Seno Admirantazgo); and one in Easter Island, which will protect the sea and its resources around the island, allowing only artisanal and ancestral fishing by the Rapa Nui.