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Sunday, July 2, 2017 
Chancellery makes a positive balance of the Chilean voting process abroad
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 The development of the voting process by Chileans living abroad was awarded a positive evaluation by the chancellery. This took place after Servel announced that the 99,15% of the voting tables were properly constituted.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs declared that “the participation in this election of Chileans residing abroad is an important milestone in the history of our country and a development of our democracy”.

On his side, the General Director of Consular and Immigration Affairs, Carlos Appelgren, highlighted that the process took place with absolute regularity in all of the 55 countries where voting was available.

According to the information provided, the Chilean government fulfilled its obligation of supplying the voters with information and the proper infrastructure to exercise their right to vote.

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The participation of consuls around the world was also highlighted, as they served as Presidents of the 102 electoral commissions approved by Servel. They overviewed the constitution of the voting tables and performed their duty as electoral deputies, as well as transmitted the results of each electoral council and surveyed the normal development of the process.

This was the first time that Chileans abroad performed the role of Council members from their country of residence.

Finally, the Chancellery highlighted the service performed by the Operational Centre whom supported the work of the 102 electoral councils abroad and endeavour to solve the different questions that arose from different parts of the world. “The media was awarded with facilities to establish direct communication with different consulates. The attention payed to the elections by both national and international press is proof of the importance that this event holds for our democratic system” Added Appelgren.

As primary elections, they will serve to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a reference to further develop and improve the election process abroad, having the Presidential elections in November in sight.