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Wednesday, October 18, 2017 
An International Dissemination Seminar was held in the Los Ríos Region, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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The Program of the 2017 International Regional Insertion, developed in the country by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, continued its activities, this time in the city of Valdivia, Los Ríos Region, where on Wednesday, October 18th an International Dissemination Seminar was held, an activity inaugurated by the Regional Intendant, Ricardo Millán Gutiérrez; and the Director of Regional Coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Konrad Paulsen.

The conference considered the following topics and speakers:"Perspectives of Chile's Export Development: Challenge for the Los Ríos Region", Marcela Aravena Castillo, National Deputy Director of PROCHILE; "Ocean Policy: Marine Resources for Sustainable Development", Minister Counsellor Matías Undurraga Abbott, Directorate of Environment and Ocean Affairs (DIMA); "Regions and the country and world energy and innovation agenda", Héctor García Cuevas, Deputy Director of Energy, Innovation and Strategic Plans, Directorate of Energy, Science and Technology and Innovation (DECYTI); and, "Strategy for the Positioning of the Los Ríos Region Abroad", Fernando Marinovic Guijón, Strategic Planning Manager, Fundación Imagen de Chile. The event was attended by regional and provincial authorities, representatives of the Chilean Army and Navy, honorary consular corps, private sector, academics and students, among others.

Within the framework of this Seminar, the Regional Direction of ProChile Los Ríos, directed by Marcelo Vera Álvarez, organized an informative visit to the company Bioxiplas, a regional undertaking that manufactures and commercializes biodegradable plastic uniforms, mainly destined to supply these products to industrial food processing plants. Loreto Mendoza, owner of the company and renowned for her contribution to innovation, received the delegation of Chancellery and, along with highlighting the important support she has received from ProChile, explained the different stages of the production process, highlighting that the raw material used in the manufacture of its products is certified and generates zero impact on the environment.